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Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment Work?

It all depends on several factors. An person must be willing to participate and allow the program to change their life entirely. Before participating in any outpatient program, they should consider whether it meets their needs and provides adequate time for them to heal.

Under such conditions, many people are successful in completing a residential program first and moving onto an intensive outpatient treatment program afterwards.

However, some people suffering from drug addiction experience relapse despite drug rehab, because they drop out of the rehab program early, or they thought of returning to everyday life seems impossible for them without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Recovery is a lifelong path that requires one to be mindful of their actions and thoughts.

Continued care is the key to never using again.

What is an IOP?

An IOP in is a treatment center that provides recovery programs for those struggling with substance use or other mental health disorders.

The drug rehab program may include:

● The individual, group, and family therapy

● 12-step or other recovery support groups

● An aftercare program

How long does IOP take?

No treatment duration applies to everyone when it comes to drug rehabilitation. 30 to 90 day programs are ideal initially.

Some individuals benefit from more extended rehab programs in Ventura to further maintain and develop a steady recovery path. When determining the appropriate length of treatment, treatment professionals at Monarch Recovery will consider the history and severity of addiction, substances used, behavioral or mental health, any previous treatment experiences, and the patient’s mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs.

According to research, most people dealing with substance use require treatment at least three months to build a solid foundation to grow from, and that prolonged involvement in treatment often reduces relapse.

Measuring Rehab Success Rates

Outpatient treatment programs uses no uniform standard to measure the success rates. Some rehabs consider success just on completion of the program, while others consider follow-up statistics. Patients may receive follow-up for a few months after treatment, while others may be followed for years. We believe that success is measured by out clients ability to live a meaningful life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Follow up surveys find successful recovery is most significant for those who:

● Completed at least a 90 day IOP program.

● Continue to attend 12-step work a program.

● Keep on taking individual counseling.

● Reside in a sober environment.

● Practicing a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, stress management, and regular exercise.

Individualized Treatment for Your Circumstances

At Monarch Recovery, the duration of your treatment relies on several factors. We analyze the progress you are making during the rehab program, consult with loved ones, and prepare the most appropriate treatment plan. The most important thing you can expect from your experience is that you’ll emerge from it stable, transformed, and ready to begin a lifetime of recovery.


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