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Addiction Treatment for Women Ventura

Addiction Treatment for Women Ventura

Addiction Treatment for Women Ventura

At Monarch Recovery, we understand how difficult it is to overcome addiction and mental health disorders. The process can be daunting and making the choice to seek help can seem overwhelming and make you feel cornered, which can make it even harder to start the road to recovery. That is why at Monarch Recovery, we guide our clients through the entire process and help them feel secure, safe, and most importantly, supported. 

Addiction treatment for women can be particularly different from addiction treatment for men. This is simply because women have different needs and require unique treatment plans. At Monarch Recovery, we understand these differences and that is why we have an addiction treatment program for women in Ventura CA. 

Monarch Recovery is in Ventura, California, a beautiful place where our clients get plenty of time to hear the waves of the ocean and enjoy the sun shining on their skin. The community is extremely supportive of anyone seeking to recover from substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders, making it the perfect spot for a recovery center. What makes us unique though, is our commitment to our clients. We aren’t only there to help you get through a detoxification process, but we are there before, during and after the addiction treatment to help set you up for a successful life after you leave our program. 

Before beginning an addiction recovery program, an evaluation and assessment take place and is conducted by our experienced staff. An evaluation is a process of determining the underlying cause of your substance and mental health disorders. The evaluation is an important part of your recovery process because it helps us set up an individualized treatment plan that will meet all of your needs and ensure that you get the support you need. After the evaluation, the next step begins, which is the detoxification process.

Detoxification is the process of removing any toxins from your body. The detoxification process is different for everyone and is the first step to a successful recovery. The amount of time that it takes for you to detox is based on the substances within your body and how long you have been ingesting them. Detoxification is necessary to remove all toxins including alcohol or drugs and is essential so that you can think clearly as you go through recovery.  At Monarch Recovery, we understand how difficult a detox can be but that is why we are with you every step of the way. We will always support you and guide you and help you get through this without feeling like you are alone. 

Our addiction treatment programs consist of professional staff that help you get through the program of recovery with therapeutic and hands-on approaches that will set the foundation for you to be a successful member of your community. Your treatment doesn’t end when you leave our program though. We also have an outpatient program that individuals can attend after completing the residential program which provides the continued support that individuals need. 

To help you succeed even after graduating from our residential program and our outpatient program, our staff at Monarch Addiction Recovery for women in Ventura offers various options for you to help strengthen your foundational independence skills. Because we understand that addiction affects our families, we offer a Family Services program where we invite your family members to join you for group therapy sessions. Our experienced staff can help support conflict resolution and also help you gain a relationship with estranged family members. 

The addiction treatment services outside of the center also include motivational services., Our experienced staff inspires clients and helps them understand that recovery is attainable and not to give up. To help you feel motivated, Monarch recovery even hosts activities that you can attend to surround yourself with a loving and supportive community that guides you through this recovery process. These activities include residential barbecues, beach outings, surfing, camping, basketball, sober league softball, bowling, movies, hiking, and many more. 

As you go through your addiction recovery process, we understand that you will face many challenges and that life will throw you a certain curveball that can make it difficult to maintain your sobriety. That is why our team at Monarch Recovery sets you up with the foundational tools that you need to be a successful community member. Not only do you receive therapy to overcome your substance and mental health disorders, but you also receive assistance from our experienced staff to learn how to manage your money. 

Money is a huge trigger for individuals who are going through recovery and having difficulty managing it can lead to issues that are difficult to process, making it harder to maintain our sobriety. Working with Monarch Recovery, though, you learn how to take inventory of the money you have and the debts you owe, separate your wants from your needs, create a budget, save money, set up direct deposit, and many more. Take advantage of these services to help set yourself up for a successful addiction recovery. 

Monarch Recovery has all of your best interests at heart and is here to guide you through every step of the way as you recover from your addiction as a woman. Our addiction treatment for mothers in Ventura also provide assistance to those needing support even after they have left our program. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an evaluation and have an individualized treatment plan set to start your road to recovery today. 

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