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Who We Are

Monarch Recovery's program provides a structured,  therapeutic approach to our clients with an open state of mind to provide honesty, accountability, integrity, and service to themselves and those around them to help each other reach their common goal. 

Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, growth oriented environment to our residents and provide them perspective and hope to continue to grow substantially, in order to place hope and faith into their lives. Our programs include treatment, family therapy, motivational interviewing, managing finances, individual one on one mentoring and after care. Utilizing common experiences allow us to relate with our clients helping them maximize their potential, develop their skills, and become the person they want to be.

Our Story

Since our opening, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to helping others achieve one common goal to maintaining a clean and sober environment has always been at the top of the list. Monarch Recovery is a safe and healthy environment for those struggling with substance use disorder. We are located in the heart of Ventura, CA surrounded by an amazing community, beaches, and lots of sunshine. If you or someone you know that is struggling with substance use disorder please contact us: (805) 340-0051.

Meet the Team


I am grateful for the people in the house for helping me through a tuff time in the house my dad past away two years ago and I haven’t known these guys for even a month and they picked me up and made me feel good and have great day thankful for the manger and owners for what they do for all of us taking us to meetings and introducing me to some wonderful people in this recovery taking a chance on me when I was down on out and depressed and didn’t have a vision I didn’t see thank you too all of you for helping me with my recovery.

— Mikey

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