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Behavioral Health Treatment Ventura CA

Behavioral Health Treatment Ventura

Behavioral Health Treatment Ventura

Our location in Ventura aims at providing treatment for all individuals seeking to better themselves and who have a growth mindset. Our behavioral health treatment options provide the resources that individuals need to grow and become better individuals that contribute to the community.


Monarch is committed to helping people achieve their sobriety goals in a safe, sober, and clean environment. We understand how difficult this challenge can be and also understand that those who suffer from a substance abuse disorder thrive in healthy environments. That is why our behavioral health treatment in Ventura CA, options include a beautiful community full of sunshine around the beaches.

Our team is composed of a variety of professionals experienced in successfully using behavioral health treatments to better individuals as they reach their goals. Through a growth mindset approach in which individuals maintain an open state of mind, we encourage honesty, accountability, integrity, and service to the individuals within our program.


Behavioral health is beneficial in both the shorter term and the longer term. Not only do individuals gain powerful skills that help them problem solve their current problems, but they are also set up with a foundation to tackle any problems that they may encounter in the future. When individuals attend our program for behavioral health treatment options, they encounter a trusting community in which they can enhance their current skills.


One of the first steps in joining our program is completing an intake. The intake can help us determine exactly why you are here and what type of help you are seeking to receive. After the intake, individuals take an assessment that can help us better understand their needs and can help us provide the appropriate interventions and strategies that will help them be as successful as possible in their future endeavors.


Behavioral health treatment is beneficial for anybody who is struggling with any type of mental health issue including anxiety, depression, oppositional defiance disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and of course, addiction. Finding the appropriate treatment can help individuals target any underlying issues that can be contributing to their mental health issues. On top of that, an appropriate mental health program contributes to individuals' physical health.


Different types of behavioral health treatment options can target different issues, and not the same treatment works the same for different people. Everyone has different needs and depending on their needs, the different treatment options will work in different ways.


Psychotherapy is a treatment that explores an individual's feelings and thoughts and is successful in helping them change their behaviors. There are different types of psychotherapies and they include cognitive behavior therapy.


Support groups are also a vital part of an individual’s success rate. That is why our team at Monarch Recovery Group strives in providing individuals with the tools they need to successfully contribute to our support groups. Support groups help individuals feel seen because they know that everyone around them is going through similar issues. By relating to them, they can feel like they are a part of a group that is not going to judge them which can in turn help them open up and be more honest with their support group.

Animal-assisted therapy is another option for individuals seeking to treat their addiction issues. Certain animals, such as horses can help individuals feel calm and relaxed when they are around. By using this approach, individuals can feel like they are in a relaxed place without any judgments and are more likely to open up to the healing process.


All individuals have a plan that is individualized to meet their needs. While addiction may seem like a problem that many people are facing, the underlying issues that lead an individual to have substance abuse problems or other addicting problems are all different. That is why we, at Monarch, create individualized plans to help set up individuals for a program that is going to be tailored to them and their own needs. Whether individuals need specific times for support from their peers or they need some quiet time on a daily basis, we meet everyone’s needs at all times.


If you are wondering if behavioral health treatment plans are covered through your insurance, you aren’t alone. Behavioral health is becoming increasingly popular and more and more plans are covering it around the country. Talk to our insurance experts to find out whether your insurance covers our behavioral health treatment and what your options are.


Going through the process of recovery can be difficult for anyone but you don’t have to go through it alone. Our experienced staff is here to give you the support you need at all times and is here to guide you through any bumps that you may face as you go down this road. We have options that will fit individuals with many different needs and are sure to have an option for behavioral health treatment that you are comfortable with. If this is your first time receiving behavioral health treatment, don’t worry. We have experienced professionals who will explain everything about our program to you so that you don’t have any doubts or hesitations about joining us at Monarch.


Call our behavioral health treatment center in Ventura today to begin your path of behavioral health treatment as you tackle the mental health issues that are keeping you from becoming the best individual that you can be. Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone and that when you work with Monarch, you are not only joining a team of experts, but you are joining a family who cares about your recovery.

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