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Providing aide to those struggling with substance use and mental health disorders.

Monarch Recovery

Serving Men & Women

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Located in the heart of Ventura, California.

Surrounded by an amazing community, beautiful beaches, and resources to encourage your personal growth. Monarch Recovery's intensive outpatient program and its sober living provide treatment to those struggling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and other substance use disorders as well as mental disorders. Our staff is experienced and well versed with the struggles related to sobriety and mental wellness. At our rehab center in Ventura CA, we utilize many different coping mechanisms and strategic methods with our clients as well as their families have found to be very beneficial for growth and further relations. Monarch Recovery will make you and your family, feel a part of the process from the beginning of your journey, as well as providing resources after you graduate our program. 

Servicing Ventura County, LA County, and Santa Barbara County.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
for Addiction and Recovery

An intensive outpatient program or IOP consists of regularly scheduled sessions of structured addiction treatment and mental health counseling. Addiction and co-occurring mental health problems have varying levels of care available, to correspond to a gradual ability to navigate life without the desire for drugs and alcohol use. The intensive outpatient program for substance use is a middle ground between Residential Treatment and Aftercare.


Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, growth oriented environment to our residents and provide them perspective and hope to continue to grow substantially, in order to place hope and faith into their lives. Our addiction recovery services in Ventura CA include treatment, family therapy, motivational interviewing, managing finances, individual one on one mentoring and after care. Utilizing common experiences allow us to relate with our clients helping them maximize their potential, develop their skills, and become the person they want to be. 


I am grateful for the people in the house for helping me through a tuff time in the house my dad past away two years ago and I haven’t known these guys for even a month and they picked me up and made me feel good and have great day thankful for the manger and owners for what they do for all of us taking us to meetings and introducing me to some wonderful people in this recovery taking a chance on me when I was down on out and depressed and didn’t have a vision I didn’t see thank you too all of you for helping me with my recovery.

— Mikey

Ventura County: Addiction Recovery and The Drug Epidemic

Monarch Recovery IOP was not founded in Ventura, CA based on some strategic plan, it was founded in Ventura County because we live here and because we love Ventura. We want to support the vibrant community that we have come to know, and love having been raised here, seeing firsthand how drugs have taken over the lives of friends, family, and loved one. It is our firm belief that if we can save just one life through our program, our mission has been successful.


If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, reach out to us today. Don’t become another statistic. 


Intensive Outpatient Program Ventura County


(805) 340-0051


In Ventura County over 100 people die from opioid overdoses each year, these people are our neighbors, our family, and our friends. The opioid crisis has swept the nation over the years, but its not just opioids like heroine that are compromising the lives of residents it’s also other substances like methamphetamine, alcohol, pills, and yes even marijuana can negatively impact a person’s life.


Coping with addiction is a journey bet taken on with support, our Ventura IOP treatment program offers a system that has been built upon sound clinical case studies that have been proven to help you not just stop using but stay drug free, just pose the question "what does it take to get help from an intensive outpatient program near me", once you have done that you have made two important decisions.

1) You admitted you have a problem

2) You admitted you need help

With these two admissions overcome, now you just need to take action by reaching out to us today, we are here to help you on  your road to recovery. By equipping you with the tools you need to face life on life’s terms, you too never have to use drugs again to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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