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Start Your Recovery in Ventura Today

Monarch Recovery is located in the heart of Ventura, California surrounded by an amazing community, beautiful beaches, and  resources to encourage your personal growth.

Outpatient Center 

(805) 850-2686


1445 Donlon St. #15

Ventura, CA 93003

Sober Living

(805) 427-6504


8276 Shasta Street 

Ventura, CA 93004

Social Media

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Monarch Recovery provides aide to those struggling with substance abuse disorder and mental disorders. Our staff is experienced and well versed with the struggles related to sobriety and mental wellness. We utilize many different coping mechanisms and strategic methods with our clients as well as their families have found to be very beneficial for growth and further relations. Monarch Recovery will make you and your family, feel apart of the process from the beginning of your journey here with us, as well as providing recourses after you graduate our program. 

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