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Healing the Family


No man is an island. We live in community, and when we hurt, that pain is felt by those who care about us as well. Monarch Recovery treatment programs can help empower individuals to begin dealing with issues that may be having a profound effect on their partners, children, parents, and siblings.

Healing the Family

Learn A Better Way

Monarch Recovery's IOP family program encourages the patient’s family members and significant others to:

  • Become involved in the treatment process

  • Become active in self-help support groups to reinforce healthy, non-enabling interaction with patients

  • To begin or continue their own program of recovery.

Outpatient treatment can be a great next step for those who have completed an inpatient or residential program or sober living in Ventura County but it can also be a great entry point for those who require a lower level of care.

Family Group Options

We offer two different family groups to meet a variety of needs for loved ones of those in treatment.

Multifamily Group

Learning effective communication skills is a high priority during the family issues group. We believe it is very empowering to learn how to talk to one another in a healthy, clear, assertive manner that yields positive results. Every week, one session is devoted to the multifamily group and family members attend with the patient. If the patient’s family members live out of state, we can involve them remotely through online video conferencing while local families are encouraged to attend sessions each week. These sessions are free of charge to family members with a loved one currently enrolled in our outpatient program.

Family Recovery Group

This weekly group meeting just for family members is facilitated by a Monarch-trained, experienced family therapist whose goal is to help family members learn how to be helpful, how to stop enabling, and how to switch the focus from the patient to their own recovery. This is a safe place to ask questions and get answers, interact with others going through similar situations, and find plenty of mutual support.

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