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Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and growth oriented Sober Living in Ventura County to our residents and to provide them perspective and hope to grow substantially, in order to place hope and faith in their lives. Our sober living in Ventura County provides treatment, family therapy, motivational interviewing, finance managing, individual one on one mentoring as well as aftercare. Utilizing common experiences allow us to relate with our clients and maximize their potential, develop skills, and become the person they want to be. 

Men's Sober Living in Ventura County

Treatment and Aftercare

Our residential staff, and management team take a very hands-on approach to recovery. We take our time implementing our resources as we’ll as knowledge to our residents, creating a successful environment for your future. Beginning to end, our sober living houses in Ventura CA will provide an individualized approach to implement the appropriate steps to elevate personal growth and wellness inside and out. Transitioning our clients from sober living to daily life will also benefit our clients throughout their process here and give them a better chance of success in their future. 

Family Services

Monarch Recovery is solely about the personal growth of our clients, that being said, we believe the families of our clients play a crucial role in their experience here as well as their future successes. At Monarch Recovery, we help our clients gain relationships with family members by providing group sessions, introducing beneficial techniques, to create assurance that we regain healthy relationships in all parties involved. Our staff specializes in conflict resolution, as well as creating ways to provide healthy resolutions regarding loved ones and outside relationships.

Motivational Services

At Monarch Recovery we believe fun in recovery is a crucial motivator to continue your path in sobriety, as well as structured requirements in our programs to motivate our clients to succeed in life. We build strong relationships inside our homes as well as in the community and family lives. Creating a brotherhood and influential surroundings allow a healthy environment in all aspects of life. We maintain a positive outlook on life to provide hope for all of our clients and to show them that living in sobriety is a much more rewarding way to live. Our staff are people that have experienced the struggles and tribulations of life before and after sobriety and have found ways to enjoy life, living clean and living sober which allows them the unique perspective as well as empathy to our clients. Our goal is to inspire our clients with gratitude, positive reinforcement and love, encouraging our clients that there is a light at the end of this long road.


Monarch Recovery provides a fun loving support, filled with many different constructive and fun activities for our clients. We assure them that with hard work comes fun as well as constructive growth. Our staff takes priority to involve clients into the community. Here is a list of things regarding SOBER FUN:

  • Residential BBQS

  • Beach Outings

  • Surfing

  • Camping

  • Basketball

  • Sober League Softball

  • Bowling

  • Movies

  • Hiking 

  • Exploring Ventura

  • Group Outings

  • & Much, Much, More!

Money Management

Money Management has been one of the leading triggers to substance abuse. In recovery emotions, spirituality, and self-awareness are our major focus to encourage growth. One thing that surprises most people is that money management is another huge aspect of growth in sobriety.  Why? Many addicts use up their entire life earnings to fund their addiction. As soon as they receive cash, they spend it on their addiction until they find their way into homelessness, poverty, and debt. Even those who don’t find themselves in financial ruin begin to associate spending money with the rush of getting high. This can turn money into a powerful trigger or lead to spending on other things becoming a replacement addiction. For these reasons, money management is just as important as the “Big Three” — people, places, and things to avoid — and it is critical to understand this fourth threat to sobriety.


Monarch Recovery Sober Living Houses in Ventura CA will help assist our clients to learn how to manage money the right way. Our services include:


  • Taking an inventory of assets and debts. Ask a friend or family member to help you make amends and pay down past debts while avoiding dwelling on negative feelings about the past.

  • Learning to separate needs and wants.

  • Creating a budget that covers needs, allows for repayment of debt, build savings, and leaves room for a few wants.

  • Storing money in a safe place — perhaps in a savings account at a bank across town with no debit card or ATM access.

  • Taking advantage of available resources. You can usually get access to free financial planning services from your bank. You may also need advice on negotiating with creditors to arrange feasible payback plans or legal advice on declaring bankruptcy — these services are often available for free to those with lower incomes.

  • Using the envelope method — instead of using an ATM card that can make money feel unlimited, withdraw cash for budgeted expenses and place it in an envelope. When the envelope is empty, you won’t be able to spend any more.

  • Setting up direct deposit for your paycheck instead of receiving a paper check to avoid the temptation of cashing it on the spot.

  • Maintaining close contact with your recovery sponsor in the first months after treatment, and ask them to check in on you on paydays.

  • Learning how to speak with friends and loved ones about your drug use triggers so they don’t inadvertently contribute to a relapse.

  • Setting and keeping saving goals — perhaps by setting up automatic transfers to a separate savings account.

The Monarch Recovery House in Ventura

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