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Drug Addiction and Recovery in Ventura

Ventura is not just a “location” for us here at Monarch Recovery, it’s home and we understand the struggles faced by those suffering from the disease of addiction. Like you or perhaps your loved ones, many of our staff have experienced the devastating effects that addiction can have on the lives of the addict and the addict families.

Through our Patient Focused Recovery program, we don’t just focus on helping you abstain from the use of drugs, we believe that to live a successful life after rehab it is our duty to help those who are suffering by giving them every tool they need to face life on life’s terms.

Drug Addiction and Recovery in Ventura

One example would be the support system you use, through working a program of recovery you will develop a support system here in recovery that will last you a lifetime, through working a recovery program you will likely find that you have found relationships that will be deeper than any you thought possible. In addiction many stop trusting, caring, and feeling. We seek to restore your life to where you can trust, care, and enjoy feelings as they manifest.

Additionally, in our addiction many have harmed those closest to them, their families. Through our Healing the Family program you will learn how to restore those relationships so that those that love you most can also trust, care, and open their heart again and openly express the feeling they may have been suppressing to protect themselves from pain of your addiction.

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your recovery! Reach out to Ventura Intensive Outpatient Program coordinators today!


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